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Flight Pictures and other stuff!

Thanksgiving Flight!

(scroll side to side to see all the picures)

These are pictures from my first flight with my Mom and Dad after I got my Pilots License!  It was Thanksgiving Day and we took off off from Vero Beach Florida for a joy ride up the Florida Coast!

(The Pictures are in order of the flight  3 across from left to right then down.  If all the pictures dont load hit Refresh.)

Here is the Piper Archer we were in. N4347P

Here i am getting the plane ready. Like my Shirt!

Every thing is looking good.

Here is my Mom. She is Very Excited!!!

Here is my Dad. You can tell he is Thrilled as always!

Dad is a little Curious.

"I hope he knows what he is doing"

Here we are in the Plane. Engines Started and Ready to Taxi!

Just After Takeoff from Vero Beach FL at about 500 feet

Climbing after takeoff!

Turning North to fly up the Florida Coast!

Mom We are Flying!!!

Flying North 1600 feet Climbing to 3000 Feet. Everything is going well!

"Yes I know what im doing!"

Florida Coast North of VeroBeach

Florida Coast North of Vero Beach

Here we Are level at 3000 Feet enjoying the View!

Heading back South looking East at the Atlantic Ocean. What a View!!!

Looking East at the Atlantic Ocean Heading South to Fort Pierce FL.

On Final at Fort Pierce Airport for a quick touch and go on Runway 14

Everyone is Silent!!!

2 Miles South East of Fort Pierce Airport looking at the the Hutchinson Islands!

Here is the Indian River and the North and South Hutchinson Island and Bridges about 4 miles SouthEast of Fort Pierce!

Above the South Hutchinson Island about to head North to land at Vero Beach Airport

There is the Fort Pierce Inlet that seperates the North and South Hutchinson Islands

Here are my dads thoughts of the Flight!!!