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PCM, Drive Train, and Suspension Mods
Computer/PCM: programming

Drive Train:

~Hurst shifter,
~SLP Clutch,
~GM Aluminum drive shaft,
~Moser 12 bolt Rear End with 3.73s Easton Posi, 33 spline axles, & Performance Cover
~Dayton 245/50ZR16s


~Granatelli Motor Sports Strut Tower Brace (GMS STB),
~BMR Sway Bars,
~BMR "Street" Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms,
~BMR Pan Hard Rod
~BMR Adjustable Torque Arm
~Unbalanced Engineering Rag Joint Eliminator Kit

Below are some pictures of some of my Modifications with some detailed info! If you need detailed install help Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

Hurst Shifter & SLP Clutch

Hurst Shifter - The name says it all. Shift are short and the pattern is nice and tight. I also upgraded the center console with the 97+ design

SLP Clutch - This clutch is a great improvement over stock.  It has 30% more griping power!

These 2 combined help for quick positive shifts!!!


Moser Rear End and Aluminum Drive Shaft

Moser 12 Bolt with 3.73 Gears, Easton posi, 33 Spline Axles, Performance Cover, and ABS option. This is a good replacement for the stock 10 bolt rear end. It is a lot stronger and helps keeps the gears from breaking by keeping them properly aligned. I need to paint it and i recomend that anyone instaling this, paint it before installing to prevent rust.

The Aluminum Drive Shaft Weighs about 5 pounds less that the stock steel drive shaft and keeps the car from vibrating at high speeds.

Granatelli Motor Sports Strut Tower Brace

This mod is to keep the strut tower from flexing. The brace improves the cornering abilities of the car.

BMR Adjustable Rear Control Arms, BMR Pan Hard Rod, BMR Adjustable Torque Arm, and BMR Sway Bars

The Adjustable Control Arms help keep the rear tires on the ground and reduce "wheel hop".

The Pan Hard Rod keeps the rear end aligned and keeps it from moving side to side.

Then Adjustable Torque Arm Helps get the maximum HP and Torque to the wheels and also allows adjustment of the Pinion angle.

The Sway Bars are a solid 32mm in the front and 21mm in the rear. They help the springs control the "roll" of the car and keep it from leaning from side to side durring turns.

All Bushings in the rear are Poly Urethane. I also added Poly Urethane Transmission Mount


Unbalanced Engineering Rag Joint Eliminator Kit

This Replaces the factory rubber-fiber rag joint in the steering shaft with a solid aluminum piece. This eliminats steering slop and stops the car from "wondering" on the road. Computer/PCM Programing

Computer Programing from Here are the Options I got:

- Knock retard desensitized
- Skip shift eliminated
- Rev limiter adjusted to 5850 RPMs
- Disabled speed limiter
- Fan kick on temperature adjusted for 160 degree t-stat
- Speedometer adjusted for 3.73 gears
- Premium gas power tuning

Ion's programming service was great! He was Quick, very friendly and helpful. Power was definetely felt!